Protective Technology Center

Protecting Civil Infrastructure from natural or man-made threats


The PTC is housed with the Civil Infrastructure Testing and Evaluation Laboratories (CITEL) at Penn State University.

Facilities within CITEL include:

  • Structural tie-down floor (2500 sq ft)
  • MTS 244.41 Servo-Controlled Linear Hydraulic Actuators
    • – One 49 kN (11,000 lb) capacity
    • – Two 490 kN (110,000 lb) capacity
    • – One 980 kN (220,000 lb) capacity
  • One Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
  • Impact pendulums
  • Full data acquisition systems for static, dynamic, and impact testing
  • CITEL computer cluster
    • PCs, SUN workstations and server, access to advanced finite element software including LS-Dyna and ABAQUS (Implicit and Explicit)

PTC faculty also utilize many facilities on campus and in their home departments, centers, and institutes to perform research related to Protective Technology. These facilities include:

structural testing floor

Structural testing floor

small-scale indoor pendulum

Small-scale indoor pendulum

fatigue-rated, servo-controlled actuators

Fatigue-rated, servo-controlled actuators

large-scale outdoor pendulum

Large-scale outdoor pendulum