Protective Technology Center

Protecting Civil Infrastructure from natural or man-made threats

Welcome to the Protective Technology Center (PTC) at the Pennsylvania State University! We appreciate your interest in our activities. For information on our current and past activities please select from the menu items to your left.

The PTC is a multidisciplinary center focusing on protecting Civil Infrastructure from natural or man-made threats and dealing with the aftereffects of an event. The PTC is housed administratively within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and draws additional administrative support from the Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute (LTI). Our offices are located at the Civil Infrastructure Testing and Evaluation Laboratories (CITEL) in State College, Pennsylvania. Dr. Daniel G. Linzell currently serves as the PTC Director.

The PTC draws upon expertise from: the extensive CEE faculty at Penn State; other departments within the College of Engineering, such as Aerospace Engineering; faculty from various Colleges at Penn State, including the Eberly College of Science and the College of Information Sciences and Technology; and faculty and research associates from various Penn State Laboratories and Labs, such as the aforementioned Larson Institute. We attempt to bring together the best minds available to address the complicated problems that could occur prior to, during and after a large natural disaster or terrorist attack.

The need to protect Civil Infrastructure, which includes things everyone travels on, lives in, drinks and breathes, from events that disrupt lives or, at worst, cause death has risen to the forefront after September 11th and Hurricane Katrina. This is not a concern exclusively limited to the 21st century, however, and the PTC was formed prior to these horrible incidents. Since our formation in 2001 our focus has expanded from purely focusing on buildings and bridges to one that encompasses all aspects related to Civil Infrastructure, including, but not limited to: air and water supply and purification systems; transportation and building systems, and the management of people and equipment that use and support those systems. The PTC's role is to foster and expand collaboration amongst faculty and students to facilitate finding solutions to these problems; be it at a smaller scale that focuses on specific chemical compounds or material constituents or a larger scale that focuses on a large transportation grid.

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We are located at 3127 Research Drive in State College, PA.

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